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Wind Data and Tools

Learn more about wind energy through these NREL data and tools.

A photo of two men silhouetted against a computer-generated simulation with white and blue rows illustrating wind plant aerodynamics.

NWTC Information Portal

This open-source library houses NREL's wind and water power simulation and modeling software and data, including computer-aided engineering tools and integrated system design and analysis tools. All software is available for download.

Wind-Wildlife Impacts Literature Database

Discover the effects that wind energy technology has on wildlife and habitats with this database. It contains a collection of articles, reports, studies, and more that focus on the impacts that wind energy production has on surrounding environments.

Open EI

Based on a wiki platform, OpenEI is becoming a global leader in the energy data realmspecifically analyses of renewable energy and energy efficiency. Through this growing community, users can view, edit, add, and download data.

Wind Maps

Accurately documenting the wind patterns around the United States is important for researchers to determine the best sites for wind power plants. Wind maps help greatly in assessing the wind resource potential of individual states.

NREL Data Catalog  

This site collects and maintains publicly accessible data resulting from federally-funded research conducted by NREL's researchers and analysts. Visitors can search for datasets or browse a listing of all submissions.