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2021 Cost of Wind Energy Review

The 2021 Cost of Wind Energy Review, now presented in slide deck format in it's 11th annual edition, uses representative utility-scale and distributed wind energy projects to estimate the levelized cost of energy for land-based and offshore wind power plants in the United States.

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Grand Challenges in Wind Energy Publication Series

Ten new publications in Wind Energy Science discuss gaps in research related to the atmosphere, wind turbines, plants and the grid, digitization, and environmental and social issues that are needed to support continued wind energy deployment. Read the grand challenges news article.

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Wind Energy Workforce Assessments

The U.S. Offshore Wind Workforce Assessment estimates current and future needs (demand), gaps (supply), and recommendations. Read the offshore workforce news article. In Defining the Wind Energy Workforce Gap and Defining Wind Energy Experience, researchers document challenges to employers, potential workers, and training programs. Read the gap news article.

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