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Wind turbines in a line in the ocean.

Offshore Wind Energy Models in Nature Energy

Expanded Modeling Scenarios To Understand the Role of Offshore Wind in Decarbonizing the United States, published in Nature Energyshows the results of expanded modeling to better estimate the role of offshore wind energy in U.S. electricity generation through 2050.

A person in a suit standing in front of a screen displaying a wind turbine model.

Grand Challenges in Wind Energy Publication Series

Ten new publications in Wind Energy Science discuss gaps in research related to the atmosphere, wind turbines, plants and the grid, digitization, and environmental and social issues that are needed to support continued wind energy deployment. Read the grand challenges news article.

Three people on a boat, one driving, in front of offshore wind turbines.

Wind Energy Workforce Assessments

The Offshore Wind Market Report: 2023 Edition shares NREL's analysis of the offshore wind energy industry and market, including future trends, for 2022 globally and from Jan. 1, 2022, through May 31, 2023, within the United States.

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