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Partners and collaborators can take full advantage of NREL's Flatirons Campus facilities, research and development capabilities, and National Wind Technology Center experts to get the support they need.

Flatirons Campus
In addition to state-of-the-art wind energy research, NREL provides a unique environment to assess the development of hybrid energy systems and grid integration work. Photo by Josh Bauer, NREL

Flexibility informs how government-industry collaborations take place at the Flatirons Campus—home of the National Wind Technology Center. 

NREL and the National Wind Technology Center have an outstanding performance record for working with the wind energy industry to advance wind energy science and lower the cost of wind-generated electricity.

Companies partner with NREL when they have specific design challenges, wish to cost-share development of state-of-the-art wind energy technology, and want to document their wind turbine component's performance for certification.

Our Capabilities

Explore a summary of NREL's world-class wind research and development capabilities and technical expertise.

Learn more about each research area and reach out to their contact via their respective research pages or by downloading any of these overviews: 

Partner With Us

NREL offers a variety of ways for organizations to gain access to National Wind Technology Center research expertise:

Partner with us through technology partnership agreements.

Participate in subcontracted wind research through solicitations and requests for proposals.

Use our cutting-edge research facilities to develop, test, and evaluate wind technologies.

License Our Technology

License our technologies with licensing agreements.

See what technologies are available for licensing on the U.S. Department of Energy's Energy Innovation Portal.

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NREL's Flatirons Campus, home of the National Wind Technology Center, is about 5 miles south of Boulder, Colorado. The cities of Louisville and Broomfield are nearby. The Flatirons Campus is approximately 37 miles northwest of Denver International Airport.

Please note that the Flatirons Campus is not located at the main NREL facility in Golden, Colorado; it is approximately 25 miles north of Golden.

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