Wind Research

For nearly five decades, researchers from NREL have helped guide the development of a wide range of wind energy technologies by advancing scientific and engineering knowledge.

The world-renowned expertise of NREL's wind energy research program has been integral in identifying clear pathways toward realizing a future in which wind becomes a predominant source of low-cost electricity generation by examining the scientific, engineering, ecological, and social barriers to wind energy.

The National Wind Technology Center at NREL's Flatirons Campus is home to world-class facilities and provides an ideal environment for our partners in industry and academia to access the research and development of advanced energy technologies to help bring about a wind-powered future.

In coordination with global experts, NREL is also leading the discussion of critical challenges in the research and development of wind energy to support renewable energy goals.

Core Capabilities

Wind Energy Technologies

Together, NREL's wind energy technology R&D efforts target innovations applicable to distributed, land-based, and offshore wind opportunities.