Land-Based Wind Research

NREL's land-based wind turbine research reduces industry costs through innovative technology development, performance and reliability improvements, and leading-edge manufacturing solutions.

Wind turbines at Kahuku Wind Farm.

NREL works with academia and industry partners to develop more cost-effective and grid-friendly wind power plants across the United States. Companies can take full advantage of our facilities, research and development capabilities, and world-class experts to get the support they need.

Our team of engineers and analysts also work with the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy on cutting-edge research projects that enable optimized wind plants, advanced manufacturing strategies, ultra-large rotor technologies, seamless interconnection, and much more.

Areas of Expertise

Meso- and micro-scale model development and validation

High-fidelity modeling of wind turbines and plants using high-performance computing

Rotor wake measurements and prediction for validation

Advanced flow control science for wind plants, including enabling autonomous wind plants through consensus control

Systems engineering and optimization of next-generation wind turbines and plants

National and international standards development

Advanced components, reliability, and manufacturing research

Wind turbine drivetrain reliability

Hybrid energy systems research and grid integration


American WAKE experimeNt

Big Adaptive Rotor Project


The leads for land-based wind energy research at NREL focus on a variety of areas pertinent to the evolving wind energy industry, including modeling and simulation, technology research validation and certification, and controls and reliability.