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Research Facilities

NREL's state-of-the-art wind research facilities at the National Wind Technology Center include prototypes rated from 400 watts to 3 megawatts, providing a venue for groundbreaking innovations and collaboration with partners.

Photo of five wind turbines of varying sizes in the background and an office building in the foreground.

Field Test Sites

A photo of two people wearing hard hats in front of a wind turbine drivetrain inside a drivetrain test facility.

Dynamometer Research Facilities

Photo of five men in hard hards observing the end of a turbine blade while it's being tested.

Structural Research Facilities 

A photo of two people silhouetted against a computer simulation of a feeder system to the electric power grid.

Controllable Grid Interface

Research validation capabilities at the National Wind Technology Center include drivetrain research validation, structural research, grid integration, and full-scale field research validation.