Join NREL at these water power events and explore research, tools, opportunities, and collaborations within marine energy and hydropower.


World Ocean Summit and Expo

March 11—13, Lisbon, Portugal

The 11th annual World Ocean Summit will focus on ocean health, industry strategies for a sustainable ocean economy, and ocean-climate solutions. There will be a series of “how to” workshops, which will present real-world solutions to global ocean challenges. On March 11 at 2:25 p.m., NREL research engineer Ben Maurer will be on the panel "Why Cross-Industry Innovation Is Vital for Ocean Health."


Waterpower Week

March 13—15, Washington, D.C.

Waterpower Week is geared toward professionals in the North American hydropower industry who are focused on policy and advocacy. Attendees can attend programming related to policy, legislation, regulation, and wholesale electricity market topics. Several NREL researchers will be in attendance and presenting workshops.


CEATI International’s Hydropower Conference

March 19—20, Palm Springs, California

On the second day of CEATI, NREL Hydropower Technical Lead Greg Stark will host a session on Coordination of the Mid-Columbia Hydropower Projects. Join to learn more about NREL's work in developing and applying a coordinated modeling framework that quantifies the value of coordination, identifies where value accrues, and investigates how to improve market operation software.



July 15—18, Denver, Colorado

With HYDROVISION in Denver this year, NREL will be offering a pre-conference tour at NREL Flatirons Campus. As part of a full-day tour on July 16, participants will stop at NREL and visit the electrical hydropower lab and controllable grid interface as well as view a demo of the REDi Island interactive app.