NREL water power research is advancing the hydropower and marine energy industries and bringing new tools, data, and analysis to enable a future clean power grid.

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A woman in a hard hat and glasses with long blond hair points at the glass wall of an indoor wave tank, which reflects her image.

"Validating existing marine energy technologies is essential to advance toward a clean energy future using the world's largest renewable energy resource. I feel fortunate to be part of a national lab that strives for efficient and sustainable renewable energies to power the world."

Tania Demonte Gonzalez
NREL Graduate Intern

A woman in a thick winter coat stands near snowy conifer trees.

"Clean energy can help undo some of the consequences of our over-exploitation of nonrenewable resources. My mission is to bridge the gap between the technical and economic benefits offered by the many novel renewable energy technologies out there."

Ritu Treisa Philip
NREL Water Power Research Engineer