Technology Innovation and Assessment

NREL researchers are developing methods of innovating and assessing the potential of marine energy technologies to help accelerate the industry toward commercialization.

Two researchers discuss images on an illuminated wall.

Coastal Structure Integrated Wave Energy Converters

In an effort to help protect coastal communities and produce marine energy, NREL experts are working to bring these low-risk, high-reward devices to America's vulnerable coastal communities. 


The WaveSPARC (Systematic Process and Analysis for Reaching Commercialization) project is developing the systems innovation and engineering tools that will enable the development of the next generation of high-performance wave energy technologies.

Distributed Embedded Energy Converter Technologies

To advance the state-of-the art in wave energy conversion systems, NREL is studying the potential of technologies that harvest ocean energy through use of flexible materials with embedded distributed energy converters.


Jochem Weber

Chief Engineer