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Research Staff

Learn more about the expertise and technical skills of the water technologies research team and staff at NREL.

Name Center Email Phone        
Akar, Sertac Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3725
Anderson, Kate Integrated Applications Center 303-384-7453
Anstedt, Sheri Communications and Public Affairs 303-275-3255
Bain, Dominique Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-384-7414
Baring-Gould, Edward National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7021
Barrows, Clayton Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3921
Beach, Ryan National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6949
Bench Reese, Samantha Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3062
Bharath, Aidan Center for Energy Conversion & Storage Systems 303-384-6907
Blackman, Elena National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7078
Boren, Blake National Wind Technology Center 303-275-4972
Braunecker, Wade Chemistry & Nanoscience 303-384-7616
Brinkman, Gregory Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-384-7390
Brown, Maxwell Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3049
Byrne, Tiffany National Wind Technology Center 303-275-4907
Cardinal, Arielle Center for Energy Conversion & Storage Systems 303-384-6925
Carpenter, Birdie Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-4232
Christensen, Dane Energy Security and Resilience 303-384-7437
Christol, Corrie National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7110
Cohen, Stuart Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-4369
Cutler, Dylan Integrated Applications Center 303-275-3873
Dana, Scott National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7036
Davis, Ryan National Bioenergy Center 303-384-7879
Daw, Jennifer Integrated Applications Center 303-275-4678
Day, Megan Integrated Applications Center 303-275-3261
DeGeorge, Elise Center for Energy Conversion & Storage Systems 303-384-7136
Dean, Jesse Integrated Applications Center 303-384-7539
Deru, Michael Buildings & Thermal Systems 303-384-7503
Driscoll, Rick Center for Energy Conversion & Storage Systems 303-384-7153
Eurek, Kelly Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-4289
Fao, Rebecca National Wind Technology Center 303-384-8513
Fingersh, Lee Jay National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6929
Fogarty, Michelle National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7012
Gevorgian, Vahan Power Systems Engineering 303-384-6940
Ginley, David Materials & Chemical S&T 303-384-6573
Green, Rebecca National Wind Technology Center 720-322-3934
Greene, David National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7260
Guarnieri, Michael Biosciences Center 303-384-7921
Hale, Elaine Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-384-7812
Hammond, Steve Mechanical & Thermal Engineering Sciences 303-275-4121
Heath, Garvin Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-384-7460
Heeter, Jenny Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-4366
Hotchkiss, Eliza Energy Security and Resilience 303-384-7309
Huskey, Arlinda National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6987
Inman, Danny Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-4997
Jager, David National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6954
Jenks, Michael National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6994
Jenne, Dale National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7248
Jenne, Dale Center for Energy Conversion & Storage Systems 303-384-7248
Johansson, Timothy Site Operations 303-384-6970
Jorgenson, Jennie Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3103
Kandt, Alicen Integrated Applications Center 303-384-7518
Karp, Eric Renewable Resources and Enabling Sciences Center 303-384-7997
Kilcher, Levi Center for Energy Conversion & Storage Systems 303-384-7192
Kurnik, Charles Integrated Applications Center 303-275-4374
Lantz, Eric National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7418
Larsen, Ross Computational Science Center 303-275-4422
Laurens, Lieve Biosciences Center 303-384-6196
Lawson, Michael National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7196
Lemke, Alex National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7018
LiVecchi, Albert Mechanical & Thermal Engineering Sciences 303-384-7138
Macknick, Jordan Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3828
Mathai, Thomas National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7445
Mauger, Scott Chemistry & Nanoscience 303-384-7371
McCall, James Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3759
Milbrandt, Anelia Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-4633
Mosey, Gail Integrated Applications Center 303-384-7356
Neiman, Shelley National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6921
Neises, Ty Buildings & Thermal Systems 303-275-4537
Ness, Erik Integrated Applications Center 303-275-3610
Nixon, Steve MTES Research Operations 303-384-7374
Ogden, David National Wind Technology Center 303-275-4955
Olis, Daniel Integrated Applications Center 303-384-7398
Pienkos, Phil Bioenergy Science & Technology 303-384-6269
Pivovar, Bryan Chemistry & Nanoscience 303-275-3809
Pless, Shanti Buildings & Thermal Systems 303-384-6365
Polly, Ben Buildings & Thermal Systems 303-384-7429
Quon, Eliot National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7172
Raye, Robert National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6933
Regimbal, Kevin Computational Science Center 303-275-4303
Ringwall, Jim Environment Safety Health & Quality 303-384-7256
Schwabe, Paul Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-384-7468
Settle, Edward Integrated Applications Center 303-275-4352
Sickinger, David Computational Science Center 303-275-3724
Simms, David MTES Research Operations 303-384-6942
Sirnivas, Senu National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7250
Smith, Brian Mechanical & Thermal Engineering Sciences 303-384-6911
Snowberg, David National Wind Technology Center 303-384-6920
Sparn, Bethany Buildings & Thermal Systems 303-384-7442
Spencer, Robert Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-3860
Stehly, Tyler National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7190
Stout, Sherry Integrated Applications Center 303-275-4281
Sun, Yinong Strategic Energy Analysis Center 303-275-4018
Szydlek, Cynthia MTES Research Operations 303-384-7053
Tao, Ling National Bioenergy Center 303-384-7809
Thresher, Robert Mechanical & Thermal Engineering Sciences 303-384-6922
Tom, Nathan National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7159
Tomberlin, Gregg Integrated Applications Center 303-275-4643
Tran, Thanh Toan National Wind Technology Center 303-275-4433
Turchi, Craig Buildings & Thermal Systems 303-384-7565
Ulsh, Michael Chemistry & Nanoscience 303-275-3842
Warren, Adam Integrated Applications Center 303-275-4346
Weber, Jochem National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7095
Wilde, Scott National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7074
Young, Don Environment Safety Health & Quality 303-384-7144
Yu, Yi-Hsiang National Wind Technology Center 303-384-7143
van Rij, Jennifer Center for Energy Conversion & Storage Systems 303-384-7180