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Research Staff

Learn more about the expertise and technical skills of the water power research team and staff at NREL.

Photo of Daniel Laird

Daniel  Laird

Center Director I-Technical

Dr. Daniel Laird is director of the National Wind Technology Center (NWTC). Laird also serves as an executive committee member of the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Atmosphere to Electrons Wind Plant Optimization Initiative and provides leadership in the focus areas of high-fidelity modeling, wind power plant controls, and rotor dynamics. Prior to joining NREL in 2015, he spent 19 years at Sandia National Laboratories leading wind energy and water power research efforts in structural analysis and simulation, computational design tools, advanced manufacturing, composite materials, and blade reliability. | 303-384-7100

Photo of Al Livecchi

Albert  LiVecchi

Laboratory Program Manager- Water Power

Al has been part of the Wind and Water Power Program Management Team at NREL since 2009. He helped establish NREL's new Water Power Program and built the technical team that focuses on marine and hydrokinetic technologies. As Water Power Laboratory Program Manager, Al is responsible for planning and executing NREL's portfolio of DOE-sponsored marine and hydrokinetic and hydropower projects along with having primary responsibility for establishing productive partnerships with external organizations. Prior to joining NREL, Al managed Strategy and Business Development at an early stage R&D informatics company and worked as a management consultant on a diverse set of engagements ranging from technology market opportunity assessments to information management optimization to support R&D decision making and planning. Al was also a Senior Staff Scientist at Baxter CardioVascular, where he conducted research on the failure mechanisms of heart valve implants and developed design modifications to increase their operational lives. | 303-384-7138

Photo of Brian Smith

Brian  Smith

Acting Laboratory Program Manager II-Multi Discipline

Brian Smith is the partnership manager for the NWTC and focuses on portfolio diversification, capability enhancement, and strategy. Smith joined NREL in 1988, first as a test engineer for advanced airfoil blades and then as the project leader for advanced wind technology development and field verification partnerships with industry. He managed the DOE Turbine Research and DOE-Electric Power Research Institute Turbine Verification Program activities at NREL in the 1990s that helped reinvigorate the development and deployment of wind technology and power plants in the United States. Smith served as the manager of NREL's Laboratory Wind and Water Power Program from 2002 to 2014 and acting NWTC director from 2014 to 2015. He is the U.S. alternate member and vice chair of the executive committee for the International Energy Agency's Technology Collaboration Program for Wind Energy Systems Research, Development, and Demonstration. | 303-384-6911

Jochem  Weber

Engineer VI-Multi Discipline

Jochem is the Chief Engineer at NREL's Water Power Program, where he pursues a holistic deductive system approach to problem solving in research, science, engineering, technology, innovation, and management. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering (design) and physical engineering (fluid and system dynamics), and a Ph.D. in modeling and optimization of wave energy converters. Jochem has over 25 years of scientific and corporate work experience in research, technology development, and engineering in self-employment, small, medium, and large enterprises and academia, with 16 years of research technology development of ocean wave energy converters and five years as Head of Research at Wavebob. Prior to joining NREL, Jochem led a high technology performance level wave energy converter concept development project at the Centre for Ocean Energy Research in Ireland and provided consultancy services to the wave energy industry through Liberal Synergies. | 303-384-7095

Name Position Email Phone        
Anstedt, Sheri Professional III-Writer/Editor/Web Content 303-275-3255
Baker, Donald Research Technician V-Multi Discipline 303-384-7162
Baring-Gould, Edward Project Leader/Program Manager VI-Technical 303-384-7021
Byrne, Tiffany Project Leader I-General 303-275-4907
Cardinal, Arielle Project Leader III-Technical 303-384-6925
Christol, Corrie Project Leader II-General 303-384-7110
Dana, Scott Mechanical and Vibrations Engineer 303-384-7036
DeGeorge, Elise Project Leader 303-384-7136
Driscoll, Rick Senior Engineer 303-384-7153
Fingersh, Lee Jay Engineer V-Multi Discipline 303-384-6929
Gevorgian, Vahan Chief Engineer 303-384-6940
Green, Jim Sr. Project leader 303-384-6913
Hand, Maureen Sr. Engineer 303-384-6933
Huskey, Arlinda Manager III-Technical 303-384-6987
Jager, David Engineer III-Multi Discipline 303-384-6954
Jenks, Michael Research Technician V-Multi Discipline 303-384-6994
Jenne, Dale Engineer III-Multi Discipline 303-384-7248
Jimenez, Tony Engineer IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-7027
Johansson, Timothy Chief Mechanical Systems Engineer 303-384-6970
Kilcher, Levi Engineer IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-7192
Laird, Daniel Center Director I-Technical 303-384-7100
Lantz, Eric Project Leader IV-Manager 303-384-7418
Laurie, Carol Project Leader III-General 303-275-3655 or 303-384-6984 303-275-3655 or 303-384-6984
Lawson, Michael Senior Engineer 303-384-7196
Lemke, Alex Project Leader IV-General 303-384-7018
LiVecchi, Albert Laboratory Program Manager- Water Power 303-384-7138
Muljadi, Eduard Engineer V-Multi Discipline 303-384-6904
Neiman, Shelley Business Support III-Administrative Associate 303-384-6921
Nixon, Steve Facility Manager (NWTC) 303-384-7374
Quon, Eliot Engineer III-Multi Discipline 303-384-7172
Ringwall, Jim NWTC EHS POC 303-384-7256
Robichaud, Robi Engineer IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-6969
Scott, George Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-6903
Simms, David Center Director-Lab Facilities 303-384-6942
Sirnivas, Senu Engineer VI-Multi Discipline 303-384-7250
Smith, Brian Acting Laboratory Program Manager II-Multi Discipline 303-384-6911
Snowberg, David Engineer V-Multi Discipline 303-384-6920
Stehly, Tyler Engineer III-Multi Discipline 303-384-7190
Szydlek, Cynthia NWTC Training Coordinator/Project Support 303-384-7053
Tegen, Suzanne Manager III-Technical 303-384-6939
Thresher, Robert Research Fellow 303-384-6922
Tom, Nathan Engineer III-Multi Discipline 303-384-7159
Weber, Jochem Engineer VI-Multi Discipline 303-384-7095
Wendt, Fabian Engineer III-Multi Discipline 303-384-6941
Wilde, Scott NWTC Research Operations Manager 303-384-7074
Yaker, Kelly Contingent Worker 303-275-4692 or 303-384-6989 303-275-4692 or 303-384-6989
Young, Don Professional IV-EHS 303-384-7144
Yu, Yi-Hsiang Engineer IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-7143
van Rij, Jennifer Engineer IV-Multi Discipline 303-384-7180