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Water Power Research

NREL conducts water power research; develops design tools; and evaluates, validates, and supports the demonstration of innovative water power technologies.

Photo of a buoy designed around the oscillating water column principle wherein the turbine captures the wave energy and the generator converts it into electrical power.

Marine and Hydrokinetic Research

Marine and hydrokinetic renewable energy technologies extract power from moving water—whether waves, tidal flow, or ocean and river currents—to produce electricity. Our research and development activities cover a range of technical, resource, and market issues.

Photo of advanced hydropower turbines in the Columbia River, Washington.

Hydropower Research

Hydropower technologies convert the energy of water moving from a higher to a lower elevation into electricity. We research various technologies and processes to improve the efficiency, flexibility, and environmental performance of hydropower and pumped storage hydropower generation.

Our experienced staff, unique research capabilities, and specialized state-of-the-art equipment provide industry partners and stakeholders with technical resources from conceptual design to commercialization.