Water Research

NREL's water research is focused on power generation and the intersection of energy and water systems.

NREL is at the forefront of water energy research and sustainable energy solutions. Researchers are exploring the vast potential of harnessing water's power in various forms including hydropower, marine energy, and integrated water systems. Hydropower, which taps into the kinetic energy of flowing water, has been a longstanding and reliable source of renewable energy, contributing significantly to global electricity generation. Marine energy, on the other hand, delves into harnessing the untapped potential of waves, tides, and currents to generate clean power. Furthermore, the integration of water systems, considering both energy and water resources as interconnected components, emerges as a holistic approach to optimize the overall efficiency and environmental impact of water-based energy generation methods. Explore more about these three interconnected realms of research, and find out how NREL researchers are propelling water energy into a greener, more sustainable future.