Sherry Stout

Sherry Stout

Laboratory Program Manager I-Policy Analysis


Sherry Stout is the laboratory program manager for NREL's State, Local, and Tribal activities, a program that supports numerous community-based collaborations in energy transitions and strategic planning, workforce development, and energy deployment research. Stout has built and/or led multiple technical assistance programs and projects at NREL to serve a diverse group of stakeholders, ranging from American Indian Tribes and Alaska Native Villages to international governments and federal agencies. She is keenly interested in finding ways to better enable partner governments and stakeholders to achieve their energy goals through delivery of technical expertise.

Research Interests

Integrated climate change and energy transition planning in rural, remote, and islanded communities across the energy/food/water nexus

Energy equity and environmental justice in energy transition

Climate and disaster recovery, risk assessment, and resilience planning

Distributed generation for rural electrification and energy resilience


M.S., Environmental and Sustainability Engineering, University of Colorado Denver

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, New Mexico State University

Featured Work

Renewable Portfolio Standard Assessment for Alaska's Railbelt, NREL Technical Report (2022)

Strategies for Optimizing WIP Investment in State Energy Offices, NREL Fact Sheet (2022)

Status of Tribes and Climate Change, Institute of Tribal Environmental Professionals, Northern Arizona University (2021)

Considerations for Distributed Energy Resource Integration in Puerto Rico: DOE Multi-Lab Grid Modeling Support for Puerto Rico; Analytical Support for Interconnection and IEEE Std 1547-2018 National Renewable Energy Laboratory, NREL Technical Report (2021)

After the Hurricane: Validating a Resilience Assessment Methodology, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction (2020)

Lao Power Sector Vulnerability Assessment and Resilience Action Plan, USAID-NREL Partnership (2020)

Energy Resilience Assessment Methodology, NREL Technical Report (2019)

Building Island Resilience through the Energy, Water, Food Nexus, Clean Energy Solutions Center, NREL Technical Report (2019)

Distributed Generation to Support Development-Focused Climate Action, EC-LEDS (Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies), NREL Technical Report (2016)