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Gord Stephen

Grid Systems Research Engineer

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Gord Stephen is a researcher and software developer in the Capacity Expansion & Electricity Markets Group within NREL's Grid Planning and Analysis Center. His work focuses on applying advanced computational methods to answer electricity policy questions. A recognized expert in the area of probabilistic resource adequacy assessment, he is the lead developer of the laboratory’s Probabilistic Resource Adequacy Suite and contributes to a number of other NREL grid planning and analysis tools. Before joining NREL, he worked on policy modeling and program development with the Canadian federal government.

Research Interests

Resource adequacy risk assessment

Power system planning under uncertainty

Electricity market design

High-performance computing applications


M.E.S., Environment and Resource Studies, University of Waterloo

B.S., Engineering Physics (Electrical), Queen’s University

Associations and Memberships

Vice-Chair, IEEE Power and Energy Society Resource Adequacy Working Group

Member, ESIG Redefining Resource Adequacy Task Force

Featured Work

Modeling Investment Decisions from Heterogeneous Firms Under Imperfect Information and Risk in Wholesale Electricity Markets, Applied Energy (2022)

Quantifying Risk in an Uncertain Future: The Evolution of Resource Adequacy, IEEE Power and Energy Magazine (2021)

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A Systematic Evaluation of Wind's Capacity Credit in the Western United States, Wind Energy (2021)

Probabilistic Resource Adequacy Suite (PRAS) v0.6 Model Documentation, NREL Technical Report (2021)

Managing Solar Photovoltaic Integration in the Western United States: Resource Adequacy Considerations, NREL Technical Report (2020)

The IEEE Reliability Test System: A Proposed 2019 Update, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (2019)

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The Demand-Side Grid (dsgrid) Model Documentation, NREL Technical Report (2018)