Adarsh Nagarajan

Adarsh Nagarajan

Group Research Manager II-Systems Engineering


Adarsh Nagarajan is the Group Manager of the Distribution Edge Group in the Grid Planning and Analysis Center with a focus on advanced power systems research relating to fast changing energy systems. His experience encompasses computer modeling of power systems; grid integration of distributed energy resources; modeling, control, and monitoring of energy storage systems; and the design, system integration, control and dynamics, protection, and seamless grid integration of low-inertia systems (i.e., microgrids).

Research Interests

Distribution system operations and planning

Energy storage modeling and control

The space between hardware and modeling for distribution planning


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Arizona State University

M.S., Electrical Engineering, University of Houston

B.E., Electrical and Electronics Engineering, R.V. College of Engineering

Professional Experience

Adjunct Faculty Member, Colorado School of Mines (2021–Present)

Associations and Memberships

Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Featured Work

Data Validation for Hosting Capacity Analyses, NREL Technical Report (2022)

Preparing Distribution Utilities for the Future - Unlocking Demand-Side Management Potential: A Novel Analytical Framework, NREL Technical Report (2021)

Time-of-Use and Demand Charge Battery Controller using Stochastic Model Predictive Control, NREL Technical Report (2020)

Analysis of Degradation in Residential Battery Energy Storage Systems for Rate-Based Use-Cases, Applied Energy (2020)

Effects of Reactive Power on Photovoltaic Inverter Reliability and Lifetime, IEEE 46th Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (2019)

Value Streams from Distribution Grid Support Using Utility-Scale Vanadium Redox Flow Battery, NREL Technical Report (2018)

Network Reduction Algorithm for Developing Distribution Feeders for Real-Time Simulators, IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting (2017)

Awards and Honors

R&D 100 Award Winner for PRECISE (2019)

Notable Technology of the Year, Federal Lab Consortiums (2019)