High-Performance Computing Data Center Efficiency Dashboard

The Energy Systems Integration Facility's High-Performance Computing Data Center (HPC Data Center) Dashboard provides a schematic diagram of the facility's cooling system, along with near real-time data that is updated once per minute.

See the Data Center's Efficiency in Near Real Time

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The dashboard displays the facility's instantaneous power usage effectiveness (PUE) calculated from usage of the IT equipment and data center infrastructure in kilowatts (kW). Elements shown include the:

  1. HPC Data Center IT equipment
  2. Cooling distribution unit (CDU)
  3. Ceiling plenum for air movement
  4. Fan walls
  5. Energy recovery water (ERW) loop
  6. Heat exchanger for energy recovery
  7. Thermosyphon
  8. Heat exchanger between ERW loop and cooling tower loop
  9. Evaporative cooling towers

Learn more about our energy-efficient facility cooling system and how we measure efficiency through PUE.