Advanced Computing Systems and Operations

NREL operates high-performance computing (HPC) systems and cloud computing services dedicated to advancing energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.


NREL's advanced computing capabilities include the following.

High-Performance Computing Systems

We operate systems with thousands to hundreds of thousands of processing cores, very high-performance networks, and thousands of petabytes of data storage space for hosting the models and simulations of many researchers and engineers. Download the NREL 2020 ESIF Annual Report featuring HPC highlights to learn more.

Cloud Computing

We provide cloud computing services as an enterprise solution for enabling scalability, reliability, and efficiency of mission-driven data science, computing, application development, data management/sharing, and analysis innovation at the laboratory.

Data Storage Systems

We manage data storage systems to enable the integration of complex and large-volume experiments with HPC resources.

User Operations

We manage the process of allocating portions of NREL's computational infrastructure to projects, create and maintain user accounts, and provide assistance to help users utilize the computational capabilities.

Data Center Operations

We manage NREL's HPC Data Center to be extremely efficient in terms of energy and water use.

Learn more about accessing NREL's HPC systems as a user.


NREL HPC experts manage systems and operations in the following facilities:

HPC Data Center

HPC User Facility.


Aaron Andersen

Group Manager III, Advanced Computing