High-Performance Computing Data Center Waste Heat Reuse

At the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF), heat exchangers in the High-Performance Computing Data Center enable the reuse of energy from computing waste heat.

Photo of heat exchangers in data center integrated control room

With heat exchangers, heat energy in the energy recovery water (ERW) loop becomes available to heat the facility's process hot water (PHW) loop. Once heated, the PHW loop supplies:

  • Active chilled beams to heat the office space
  • Air handlers to heat the conference and high bay spaces
  • Snow melt loop in the courtyard of the ESIF's main entrance
  • District heating loop:
    • If additional heat is needed for the building, the PHW loop can draw heat from the campus heating loop
    • If surplus heat is available, the PHW loop can provide heat to the campus heating loop. During transition months (April and October), excess heat from the ESIF has been sufficient to provide heat for other buildings, shortening the time boilers are needed to provide campus heat.