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Photo of Steven Hammond

Steve  Hammond

Center Director II-Technical

Steve Hammond develops and leads laboratory-wide efforts in high-performance computing and energy-efficient data centers. He initiates and oversees innovative research programs in computational science, mathematics, and scientific computing in support of NREL's DOE-based mission. This includes utilizing modeling and simulation to advance energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and leading NREL's efforts in energy-efficient data centers. | 303-275-4121

Name Position Email Phone        
Albin, James IT Professional IV-High Perf Computing 303-275-4069
Bidwell, Matt IT Professional IV-High Perf Computing 303-275-4639
Brunhart-Lupo, Nicholas Scientist III-Multi Discipline
Bugbee, Bruce Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-275-3191
Carpenter, Ilene Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-275-3947
Chang, Christopher Scientist, HPC Chemistry Applications 303-275-3751
Eash, Matthew IT Professional IV-High Perf Computing
Evenson, Dave IT Professional III-High Perf Computing 303-275-4189
Gerritsen, Alida Postdoctoral Researcher I-Computational Sciences 303-275-4066
Graf, Peter Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-275-4666
Grout, Ray Manager III-Technical 303-384-6447
Gruchalla, Kenny Senior Scientist -- Scientific Visualization 303-275-3713
Hammond, Steve Center Director II-Technical 303-275-4121
Henry de Frahan, Marc Postdoctoral Researcher 303-275-3278
Hinkle, Jacob Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-275-4182
King, Ryan Senior Scientist 303-275-4182
Lawrence-Simon, Jacob Contingent Worker 303-275-4174
Long, Hai Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-275-3742
Lunacek, Monte Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-275-3157
Magri, Tony ESIF IT Systems Engineer 303-275-4251
Munch, Kristin Manager, Data, Analysis and Visualization Group 303-275-4012
Nag, Ambarish Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-275-3754
Nelson, Mo Center Director Admin 303-275-4244
Phillips, Caleb Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-275-4297
Potter, Kristi Data Visualization Scientist 303-275-4122
Purkayastha, Avi Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-275-4243
Regimbal, Kevin Manager III-Technical 303-275-4303
Shelby, James IT Professional III-High Perf Computing 303-275-3298
Sickinger, David Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-275-3724
Sitaraman, Hariswaran Scientist III-Multi Discipline 303-275-3171
Sorensen, Harry Contingent Worker 303-275-4174
Southerland, Jennifer Professional II-Project Assistant 303-275-4065
Sprague, Michael Scientist V-Multi Discipline 303-275-4367
Stickel, Joseph Business Support II-Administrative Associate 303-275-3728
Stock, Mark Scientific Visualization Specialist 303-275-4174
Sunkari, Surendra IT Professional III-High Perf Computing 303-275-3243
Thomas, Stephen Scientist IV-Multi Discipline 303-275-3949
Vaidhynathan, Deepthi HPC Algorithms and Software for Energy Systems 303-275-4305
Vigil-Fowler, Derek Research Scientist: High Performance Computing 303-384-6635
Whiteside, David HPC System Administrator 303-275-3943