NREL's high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities are housed in the most energy-efficient data center in the world.

NREL researchers have smart, bold questions about transforming our energy system. Eagle is helping them find the answers faster. Text version

Located in the Energy Systems Integration Facility (ESIF), NREL's HPC Data Center, supercomputing systems, and visualization facilities propel technology innovation by providing scientists and engineers the ability to tackle energy challenges that cannot be addressed through traditional experimentation alone. NREL's HPC experts collaborate with NREL scientists and engineers to take full advantage of advanced computing hardware and software resources necessary to advance renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

High-Performance Computing User Facility

NREL's newest supercomputer, Eagle, is now in production use to power scientific insights to accelerate our energy system transformation.

High-Performance Computing Data Center

Using best-in-class technologies, the HPC Data Center at the ESIF serves as a showcase facility for demonstrating data center energy efficiency.

Insight Center

Located adjacent to NREL's HPC Data Center, the Insight Center uses advanced visualization technology to provide on-site and remote viewing of experimental data, high-resolution visual imagery, and large-scale simulation data.