Cybersecurity Deployment Strategies

NREL's work in developing cybersecurity deployment strategies allow researchers to perform system evaluations, provide training environments to partners and customers, and support workforce development for the future grid’s cyber defenders.

Researcher presenting in front of a large screen projection.


Cyber-Energy Emulation Platform

NREL's Cyber-Energy Emulation Platform (CEEP) is an engine for cyber-energy system evaluation and visualization. CEEP provides a comprehensive, real-time analysis of cyber-energy systems and can simulate cyber events from multiple perspectives, which helps users interpret their cybersecurity and develop greater operational resilience. CEEP is a virtual environment that connects with physical research hardware and visualizes system dynamics, including simulated attacks and energy system anomalies.

Cyber Range for Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems

The Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems (ARIES) cyber range provides system-level security evaluation for bulk power renewables and distributed energy systems. The ARIES cyber range, powered by CEEP, simulates complex energy systems for the evaluation of emerging threats, natural hazards, and impacts of energy disruption. The ARIES cyber range supports proactive defense and automated response, improved situational awareness, and telecommunications innovation.



The U.S. Department of Energy CyberForce competition challenges college students to protect imagined businesses from simulated cyberattacks. Using critical infrastructure-focused, real-world scenarios, the competition helps participants improve their understanding of cyber-physical threats, vulnerabilities, and consequences. NREL is proud to be a host of the competition and support the next generation of cyber-energy defenders.


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Our technologies and laboratory capabilities support our partners in securing their own operations and developing the next innovations in cybersecurity. Learn more about partnering with NREL.