NREL's energy security and resilience research extends our expertise in the design and operation of clean, highly distributed energy systems to the most challenging security and resilience questions of our time.

Cityscape overlaid with computer screens.

Information technologies are changing the way energy is produced, delivered, and used. New energy technologies are driving system configurations, operating strategies, market structures, overseas supply chains, and business models—all of which present security challenges that are new and not yet well understood.

At the same time, increases in natural hazards and an aging infrastructure present new grid vulnerabilities. Intensifying storms, wildfires, and geomagnetic disturbances all threaten to disrupt power for millions of Americans. Such trends underlie the critical need for innovations in secure and resilient energy system design.

Scientists and engineers at NREL bring deep expertise in technology dynamics, systems engineering, analysis, and validation that is essential to assessing and mitigating the security and resilience challenges to our evolving energy systems.


John Barnett

Director, Energy Security and Resilience Center