Data and Tools

NREL develops data, tools, platforms, and environments for the assessment, improvement, and planning of cybersecurity and resilience initiatives.

Researchers visualize a real-time cyberattack projected onto wall-size screens.

ARIES Cyber Range

NREL's cyber range provides the ability to virtualize, emulate, and visualize energy systems subjected to energy disruption scenarios, with the fidelity needed to represent future energy and telecommunication systems—from individual devices to regional grids. As part of the Advanced Research on Integrated Energy Systems (ARIES) platform, physical devices from laboratories across NREL's campus can be integrated into the virtual world of the cyber range, allowing for hardware-, controller-, and human-in-the-loop studies.

Customer Damage Function Calculator

The Customer Damage Function Calculator helps facility owners and resilience planners understand the costs of an electric grid outage at their site.

Distributed Energy Resource Cybersecurity Framework

The Distributed Energy Resource Cybersecurity Framework is an in-depth tool for organizations with distributed energy resources to assess and improve their cybersecurity posture.

Renewable Energy Integration and Optimization

The Renewable Energy Integration and Optimization tool helps partners determine the value of resilience and develop pathways to cost-effectively develop advanced, resilient microgrid systems.