NREL's energy security and resilience research staff provide the expertise and experience needed to build more secure, resilient, and reliable energy systems.

Photo of John Barnett

John Barnett

Center Director I-Technical

John Barnett directs NREL's Energy Security and Resilience Center, coordinating the lab's research efforts to protect energy services against disruption and quickly recover services in case of a natural or human-caused disturbance.

Jonathan White

Jonathan White

Director Energy Security and Resilience Program Office

Jonathan White is the director of NREL's Cybersecurity Program Office. In this role, he coordinates NREL's cybersecurity research portfolio and provides strategic guidance for the growth of staffing, capabilities, and facilities.

Name Position Email Phone
Abbondanza, Michael IT Professional I-Cyber Security Analyst 303-275-3647
Applegate, Heidi Sr. Advisor, Strategic Energy Security 303-275-4080
Armstrong, Richard Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4605
Balamurugan, Sivasathya Pradha Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-3883
Barnett, John Center Director I-Technical 303-384-7469
Blair, Nicholas Researcher II-Cyber Security & Resilience
Bostwick, Stephanie Project Manager IV-Research 303-275-4505
Burns, Jordan Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-3730
Callahan, Michael Group Research Manager III-Systems Engineering 303-275-4490
Cary, Scott Project Manager V-Research 303-384-7169
Christensen, Dane Manager - Cybersecurity System Analysis Group 303-384-7437
Christiansen, Katy Project Leader - DOD & FEMP 303-275-4241
Cryar, Ryan Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-3203
Dormuth, Zoe Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-7785
Elsworth, James Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4242
Etigowni, Sriharsha Researcher IV-Data Science 303-275-4888
Feth, Erich IT Professional I-Cyber Security Analyst 303-630-2469
Granda, Steve Cyber Security Research Engineer 303-384-6631
Grue, Nicholas Researcher IV-Geospatial Science 303-384-7278
Hasandka, Adarsh Researcher IV-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-6225
Hayes, Lori IT Professional IV-Info Sys Security Ofcr (ISSO) 303-384-6793
Henry, Jordan Acting Laboratory Program Manager 303-275-4835
Hotchkiss, Eliza Senior Resilience Analyst and Group Manager 303-384-7309
Howard, Brian Research System Administrator 303-630-5240
Jeffers, Bobby Program Manager V-Research 303-275-4342
Jenket, Donald Researcher IV-Systems Engineering 303-384-6866
Johnson, Eric Professional IV-General Law Attorney 303-630-2471
Joshi, Prateek Researcher III-Electrical Engineering 303-275-4655
Jun, Myungsoo Researcher IV-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-4491
Kandt, Alicen Group Manager III-Systems Engineering 303-384-7518
Kiatreungwattana, Kosol Senior Engineer - Building and Renewable Energy Systems 303-384-7918
Kim, Simon Researcher II-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-3922
Kirkeby, Amanda Researcher I-Mechanical Engineering 303-384-7395
Kurnik, Charles Senior Engineer - Microgrids 303-275-4374
Leddy, Laura Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-4624
LoVullo, David Researcher IV-Systems Engineering 303-275-4657
Macwan, Richard Manager, Cyber-Resilience Science Group 303-275-4579
Magri, Adival Researcher V-Systems Engineering 303-630-5431
Markel, Anthony Researcher V-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-4478
Martin, Maurice Researcher VI-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-7592
McCafferty, Sara Project Manager II-Research Support 303-275-3180
McFly, Shane Senior Cybersecurity Researcher
Mentlik, Bryan Project Manager III-Research 303-275-4379
Miller, Dante Professional V-Partnership Development 303-275-4693
Murphy, Sinnott Researcher IV-Model Engineering 303-384-6991
Nemouchi, Yakoub Researcher IV-Data Science 303-630-5070
Pachuta, Sean Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering 303-275-4720
Pailing, Courtney Sr. Project Manager 303-275-3027
Paul, Shuva AI & Cybersecurity Research Scientist 303-630-5133
Pavlova, Ani Project Manager II-Research Support 303-384-7957
Peterson, Jordan Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-3239
Powell, Bonnie Researcher III-Systems Engineering 303-275-4164
Quilling, Chelsea Researcher II-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-630-5792
Rane, Jayaraj Vijaykumar Researcher II-Electrical Engineering 303-630-5352
Reynolds, Tamara Group Manager II-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-3887
Rivera, Joshua Researcher II-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-6931
Ryan, Nicholas Researcher I-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-630-5258
Sahu, Abhijeet Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-630-5974
Saleem, Danish Researcher IV-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-7336
Sanghvi, Anuj Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-7508
Singh, Vivek Kumar Researcher IV-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-4927
Smart, Jordan Researcher II-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-630-5429
Snyder, Paul Project Manager V-Research 303-275-4950
Solanki, Bharatkumar Researcher V-Electrical Engineering 303-384-7920
Tetreault, Tim Project Manager V-Research 303-384-7524
Thomas, Dana-Marie Researcher II-Cyber Security & Resilience 407-575-5542
Urban, Kelli Project Manager IV-Research Support 303-275-3063
Van Geet, Otto Principal Engineer - Labs & Data Centers 303-384-7369
Van Natta, Josh Researcher II NEX-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-384-6480
Waligoske, Emily Project Manager IV-Research 303-384-7555
Wallace, Anthony Researcher III-Cyber Security & Resilience 303-275-3907
Weber, Elizabeth Project Manager IV-Research 303-275-4498
White, Jonathan Director Energy Security and Resilience Program Office 303-384-7433
Williams, Gareth Researcher IV-Cyber Security & Resilience
Woodhams, Katrina Project Manager IV-Research 303-275-3886