Learn about NREL's impacts in energy security and resilience.

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Ongoing Initiatives

NREL's cross-laboratory initiatives advance the impact of its research in energy security and resilience through direct collaboration with industry, communities across the United States, and international partners.

Clean Energy Cybersecurity Accelerator

Clean Energy to Communities

Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project Community Technical Assistance

Puerto Rico Grid Resilience and Transitions to 100% Renewable Energy Study

Power Sector Cybersecurity Building Blocks

Resilient Energy Platform

From the Experts

Learn from energy security and resilience thought leaders.

Three people stand around snowmobile in forest

“It's 26 below zero, and our crew has spent the night on outage management. … Upgrading the transmission system will allow additional integration of renewables, it will allow diversification, it will allow redundancy and resiliency.”

John Burns
CEO, Golden Valley Electric Association

NREL supports an Alaska utility through the Clean Energy to Communities program.

Eliza Hotchkiss sits in front of computer screen in office

“Some of the challenges our team is looking at is how people are monetizing resilience and implementing solutions.”

Eliza Hotchkiss
NREL Senior Resilience Analyst and Group Manager

Check out the video on strategies for energy resilience.