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Zoe Kaufman

Researcher II-Mechanical Engineering

Orcid ID

Zoe joined the Commercial Buildings Research Group at NREL in 2020 with a focus on advanced building manufacturing and integration science. Her work focuses on guiding modular buildings toward achieving verified and replicable zero energy design by providing technical support for implementing low-load envelope technology and mechanical systems integration, as well as developing manufacturing-friendly certification methodology.

Zoe’s background ranges from design, testing, and analysis of net-zero manufactured homes, to consulting and energy modeling for multifamily Passive House (PHI and PHIUS) buildings in New York City. Her undergraduate degree in biology fostered a scientific approach that carried over to her master’s in sustainable design, where she honed in on developing and applying contextual, methodical, and statistics-rooted approaches to building energy efficiency. Through the lens of this diverse background, she views buildings as interconnected systems and seeks to enhance these connections on a large scale through a deeper understanding of advanced construction methods and systems integration.

Research Interests

Innovative embodied-carbon reduction strategies

Advanced construction and systems integration techniques



M.S., Sustainable Design, Carnegie Mellon University

B.S., Biology, Stanford University