Yingli Lou

Yingli Lou

Researcher III-Model Engineering


Yingli joined NREL’s Residential Buildings Solutions and Scaling Group in February 2023. Her research focuses on large-scale building energy modeling using EnergyPlus® and OpenStudio®, building decarbonization, and incentives for sustainable buildings.

Prior to joining NREL, Yingli worked as a postdoctoral scholar at Pennsylvania State University, where she explored building energy modeling utilizing an online housing database. Before that, Yingli was a Ph.D. student and research assistant at the University of Colorado Boulder. For her Ph.D. thesis, she investigated the interconnections among energy consumption, carbon emissions, and economic impacts for sustainable buildings.

Research Interests

Building energy modeling

Urban-scale modeling

Building decarbonization

Incentives for sustainable buildings


Ph.D., Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

M.S., Management Science and Engineering, Chongqing University, China

B.E., Construction Management, Chongqing University, China

Featured Work

Individualized empirical baselines for evaluating the energy performance of existing buildingsScience and Technology for the Built Environment (2022)

The economic impacts of carbon emission trading scheme on building retrofits: A case study with U.S. medium office buildingsBuilding and Environment (2022)

Long-term carbon emission reduction potential of building retrofits with dynamically changing electricity emission factorsBuilding and Environment (2022)

The effect of building retrofit measures on CO2 emission reduction – A case study with U.S. medium office buildingsEnergy and Buildings (2021)

Development of new baseline models for U.S. medium office buildings based on commercial buildings energy consumption survey dataScience and Technology for the Built Environment (2020)

How do electricity pricing programs impact the selection of energy efficiency measures? –  A case study with U.S. Medium office buildingsEnergy and Buildings (2020)