Yashodhan Agalgaonkar

Senior Researcher


Yashodhan Agalgaonkar received an M.S. degree in power systems from the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden and a Ph.D. degree in power and energy systems from Imperial College London. Agalgaonkar is a reviewer of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Transactions on Sustainable Energy and IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids journals and contributes as associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Power Systems journal. Currently, he works as a senior scientist/researcher with NREL and has a keen interest in technology policy challenges.

Research Interests

Power transmission and distribution system operations


Distributed energy resources

Distributed energy resource management systems/distribution management systems


Ph.D., Power and Energy Systems, Imperial College London

M.S., Electrical Power Systems, Chalmers University of Technology

Professional Experience

Senior Researcher Engineer, NREL (2020–Present)

Research and Development Head, Enzen Global Solutions (2017–2019)

Scientist, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2015–2017)

Senior Research and Development Engineer, Converteam (now known as GE Power Conversion) (2007–2010)

Associations and Memberships

Senior Member, IEEE

Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Power Systems

Associate Editor, IEEE Power Engineering Letters

Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy

Reviewer, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grids

IEEE Working Group Member, Distribution System State Estimation

Panel Chair, 2017 IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting

Featured Work

A Financial Feasibility Analysis of Hydrogen in Microgrids, 2nd International Conference on Power and Embedded Drive Control (2019)

Centralized Volt–Var Optimization Strategy Considering Malicious Attack on Distributed Energy Resources Control, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy (2018)

Evaluation of Smart Grid Technologies Employed for System Reliability Improvement: Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Experience, IEEE Power and Energy Technology Systems Journal (2017)

Probabilistic Operation of Remote Hybrid Microgrids Including Battery Storage and Load Management, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (2017)

Research Gap Analysis of Advanced Distribution Management System, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (2017)

Awards and Honors

Nominated for the Eryl Cadwaladr Davis Prize for best doctoral thesis (2014)