Tarek Elgindy

Tarek Elgindy

Researcher III-Electrical Engineering

Orcid ID https://orcid.org/0000-0003-0162-3034

Tarek Elgindy is a member of the Transmission & Distribution Interactions Group within the Grid Planning and Analysis Center at NREL. Tarek has worked extensively on managing large electrical distribution datasets and understanding the impact of network structures and designs on power quality, primarily for quasi-static timeseries analysis. His research interests include developing market structures for distribution networks, developing tools for managing and cleaning electrical infrastructure data, and understanding the interactions between distribution and transmission systems with high penetrations of distributed energy resources. 

Research Interests

Synthetic electrical datasets

Transmission-distribution interactions

Infrastructure for large-scale electrical simulations


M.S., Algorithms, Combinatorics and Optimization, Carnegie Mellon University

B.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Sydney

Professional Experience

Research Engineer, NREL (2016–Present)

Graduate Fellow, CSIRO (2011–2013)

Featured Work

Building Large-Scale U.S. Synthetic Electric Distribution System Models, IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid (2020)

Building Highly Detailed Synthetic Electric Grid Data Sets for Combined Transmission and Distribution Systems, IEEE Open Access Journal of Power and Energy (2020)

Incremental Network Design with Shortest Paths, European Journal Of Operational Research (2014)