Toa Song

Tao Song

Researcher IV-Electrical Engineering


Tao Song is a senior scientist in NREL's Photovoltaic (PV) Cell and Module Performance Group and has led the cell performance calibration since 2018. He received his doctorate in physics from Colorado State University in 2016, with a research focus on device characterization and simulation of thin-film cadmium telluride (CdTe) and copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) solar cells. Then, he joined NREL as a postdoctoral researcher for 1.5 years before his promotion to staff scientist. His research interest covers the high-precision efficiency calibration of any kinds of solar cells and the development of reliable measurement techniques for novel PV devices.


Ph.D., Physics, Colorado State University

M.S., Physics, Colorado State University

B.S., Optoelectronic Science and Technology, Beijing Jiaotong University

Professional Experience

Chair, ASTM International Standard Committee on Photovoltaic Electric Power Conversion (2020–present)

Member, International Electrotechnical Commission Technical Committee on Photovoltaics (2019–present)

Featured Work

How Useful Are Conventional I‐Vs For Performance Calibration of Single and Two‐Junction Perovskite Solar Cells? A Statistical Analysis of Performance Data on∽ 200 Cells From 30 Global Sources, Solar RRL (2021)

Reliable Power Rating of Perovskite PV Modules, IEEE 48th PVSC (2021)

Comprehensive Performance Calibration Guidance for Perovskites and Other Emerging Solar Cells, Advanced Energy Materials (2021)

Six-junction III–V Solar cells with 47.1% Conversion Efficiency under 143 Suns Concentration, Nature Energy (2020)

Te Layer to Reduce CdTe Back-Contact Barrier, IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics (2018)

Emitter/Absorber Interface of CdTe Solar Cells, Journal of Applied Physics (2016)

Awards and Honors

NREL President's Award (2020)

MRS-Spring Tutoring Award (2017)

IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference Best Paper Finalist (2015)