Ryan Ness

Research Technician IV-Operate


Ryan M. Ness is a research technician in the Biomass Analysis group within NREL's Renewable Resources and Enabling Sciences Center. Ryan’s interests include bench-scale pretreatment, wet chemical analysis, and instrumental analysis of lignocellulosic biomass feedstocks.

Research Interests

Bench-scale pretreatment

Compositional analysis

Method development and optimization


B.A., Human Biology, University of Kansas

Professional Experience

Research Technician, NREL (2007–present)

Toxicology Analyst, Quest Diagnostics (2005–2007)

Semi-Volatiles Analyst, Pace Analytical Services, Inc. (2003–2005)

Featured Work

The Effect of Biomass Densification on Structural Sugar Release and Yield in Biofuel Feedstock and Feedstock Blends, BioEnergy Research (2017)

Improved Methods for the Determination of Drying Conditions and Fraction Insoluble Solids (FIS) in Biomass Pretreatment Slurry, Biomass and Bioenergy (2016)

A Laboratory-Scale Pretreatment and Hydrolysis Assay for Determination of Reactivity in Cellulosic Biomass Feedstocks, Biotechnology for Biofuels and Bioproducts (2013)