Nicholas Long works on advancing research in NREL’s Commercial Buildings Research Group’s Controls and Advanced Analytics section. He is a technical lead on various projects related to software development, building data management, and building energy analysis. He has contributed at various levels to several projects, including the Standard Energy Efficient Data (SEED) Platform™, BuildingSync®, URBANopt, Building Component Library, OpenStudio® Analysis Platform, OpenStudio, and Building Agent.

Long has experience contributing to projects at an architectural level, as well as programming web- and client-based applications. Long is an expert in software development, large-scale data analysis, and data management. He is also an expert in building energy modeling with OpenStudio/EnergyPlus™ with experience in creating reduced order models from simulated data to decrease simulation runtimes for analyses of novel bi-directional district heating and cooling systems.

Long has participated in discussions and given presentations around the world on building energy efficiency and building energy modeling. He has been cited in over 1,000 publications, is a contributing member of ASHRAE, and is an active member of the International Building Performance Simulation Association.

Research Interests

Building energy modeling

Large-scale parametric analysis, optimization, and calibration

Building energy analysis software architecture and design

Reduced order modeling

Building benchmarking data management

District heating and cooling systems

Urban energy analysis

Commercial building energy audits

Building data exchange standardization

Web application development


M.S. Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

B.S. Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Featured Publications

Streamlining Building Energy Efficiency Assessment through Integration of Uncertainty Analysis and Full Scale Energy Simulations, Energy and Buildings (2018)

Development of Building Energy Asset Rating Using Stock Modelling in the USA, Journal of Building Performance Simulation (2016)

Control Limits for Building Energy End Use Based on Frequency Analysis and Quantile Regression, Energy Efficiency (2015)

Using Models to Provide Predicted Ranges for Building-Human Interfaces, 13th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association (2013)

OpenStudio: An Open Source Integrated Analysis Platform, 12th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association (2011)

Assessment of the Technical Potential for Achieving Zero-Energy Commercial Buildings, NREL Technical Report (2006)

Consumptive Water Use for US Power Production, NREL Technical Report (2003)

Reduced Order Models for Rapid Analysis of Ambient Loops for Commercial Buildings, Thesis - University of Colorado Boulder (2018)