Matthew Reynolds

Researcher IV-Applied Mathematics


Prior to joining NREL in 2017, Matthew worked as a postdoc at the University of Colorado's departments of applied mathematics and aerospace engineering sciences. During this time, he worked on a variety of problems in topics such as residual atmosphere modeling, uncertainty quantification (UQ), and food science.

Matthew’s research at NREL is focused on applying uncertainty quantification techniques to optimal power flow problems, especially within the context of increased penetration of renewables.

Research Interests

Uncertainty quantification 

Computational multilinear algebra 

Approximation theory of exponential, rational, and bandlimited functions


Ph.D., Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder 

M.S., Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado, Boulder

B.A., Geological Sciences, Geophysics Option, University of Colorado, Boulder  

Featured Work

Optimization via Separated Representations and the Canonical Tensor Decomposition, Journal of Computational Physics (2017)

Randomized Alternating Least Squares for Canonical Tensor Decompositions: Application to a PDE with Random Data, SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing (2016)

On Generalized Gaussian Quadratures for Bandlimited Exponentials, Applied Computational Harmonic Analysis (2013)

Rational Approximations for Tomographic Reconstructions, Inverse Problems (2013)