Masha Koleva

Researcher III-Chemical Engineering


Mariya (Masha) Koleva has a background in mathematical modeling and optimization, and conducted her doctorate research at the Product and Process Systems Engineering center in London. She joined NREL in 2018 as a chemical engineering postdoctoral researcher in the Hydrogen Production, Power, and Storage group. Currently, Koleva is on detail to U.S. Department of Energy’s  Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office, providing reviews and feedback on analyses related to the potential of hydrogen in decarbonization across many sectors. She teaches STEM to young women students as part of NREL outreach activities.

Research Interests

Mathematical modeling and optimization

Hydrogen production and infrastructure

Energy storage

Water systems


Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University College London

MEng., Chemical with Biochemical Engineering, University College London

Associations and Memberships

Institute of Chemical Engineers

Featured Work

Optimal Design of Solar-Driven Electrolytic Hydrogen Production Systems within Electricity Markets, Journal of Power Sources (2021)

Optimal Design and Operation of Hybrid Battery Storage, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (2020)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Optimal Design and Operation of Integrated Solar-Electrolysis Systems in California, Foundations of Computer-Aided Process Design Conference  (2019)

Integration of Environmental Aspects in Modelling and Optimisation of Water Supply Chains, Science of The Total Environment (2018)

Optimisation Approaches for the Synthesis of Water Treatment Plants, Computers & Chemical Engineering (2017)

Multi-objective Optimisation Approach for the Synthesis of Water Treatment Plants, Computer-Aided Chemical Engineering (2016)