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Marcus Bianchi

Acting Group Manager, Commercial Buildings


Marcus is a senior research engineer with the Building Energy Science Group. He is a thermal energy expert and employs his background to conduct research in thermal sciences modeling, analysis, and testing of advanced building envelope components and systems to improve the energy performance of buildings. He conducts business development for the Buildings and Thermal Sciences Center in collaborations and partnerships with external organizations to support their common objectives in energy efficiency and generation.

Marcus returned to NREL in 2019 after eight years at Owens Corning, where he was a member of and led the Building Science team, defining strategic objectives to influence and support corporative objectives and improve the building industry.

Marcus is active at ASHRAE, where he was chair of Technical Committee 4.4—Building Materials and Building Envelope Performance. He is also a licensed professional engineer in Colorado.

Research Interests

Energy fundamentals

Heat and mass transfer


Phase change

Building science

Thermal insulation


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Military Institute of Engineering, Brazil

Featured Work

Optimizing PCM-Integrated Walls for Potential Energy Savings in U.S. Buildings, Energy and Buildings (2020)

Verification and Validation of EnergyPlus Phase Change Material Model for Opaque Wall AssembliesBuilding and Environment (2012)

Estimating Evaporator Airflow in Vapor Compression Cycle Cooling Equipment, U.S. Patent 6,973,793 (2004)

Gas Segregation During Solidification Processes, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer (1997)

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