Kerry Rippy

Kerry Rippy

Postdoctoral Researcher-Mechanical Engineering


Kerry joined NREL in 2019 as a postdoctoral researcher, bringing her perspective as an inorganic chemist to the Building Energy Science Group. Her research includes electrochemical processes in thermal energy storage systems, with a focus on electrochemical purification of molten salts for concentrated solar power plants.

Kerry is passionate about developing materials for energy production and storage. She has previously contributed to a wide variety of research areas within this field, from screening organometallic hydrogen storage catalysts to developing electron acceptor materials for organic photovoltaics. Through collaborative, interdisciplinary research efforts with colleagues worldwide, she hopes to contribute to global energy solutions. She is committed to advancing both scientific education and proactive science.


Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, Colorado State University

B.S., Chemistry and English Literature, Yale University

Awards and Honors

Endeavour Research Fellowship (2018)

CSU Global Sustainability Leader (2018)

DAAD German Academic Exchange Service Fellowship (2017)

Drivers of Innovation Platinum Award (2016)

Yale University Dean’s Research Fellow (2011)

Yale University Environmental Research Summer Award (2010)

National Merit Scholar (2008)