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Dr. Simon received his doctorate in electrical engineering from the University of Notre Dame, in Indiana, in 2009 where he studied novel approaches to utilize the polarization fields in III-V Nitride semiconductors for improved electronic device performance. He then had a postdoctoral appointment at Yale University where he studied metamorphic buffers for high-efficiency III-V solar cells.

In 2011 Dr. Simon joined NREL to study novel crystalline substrates for growth of III-V Nitride semiconductors for solid-state lighting applications. Since then he has been involved in various projects involving the growth of III-V semiconductor films and devices for solar applications. Specific research interests include development of low-cost III-V solar cells, high-efficiency multi-junction solar cells, III-V semiconductor epitaxy, and development of novel semiconductor devices.

Featured Work

Simon, J.; Tomasulo, S.; Simmonds, P.J.; Romero, M.; and Lee, M.J. "Metamorphic GaAsP buffers for growth of wide-bandgap InGaP solar cells." J. Appl. Phys. 109(1), 013708 (2011)

Simon, J; Protasenko, V.; Lian, C.; Xing, H.; and Jena, D. "Polarization-induced Hole Doping in Wide-Bandgap Semiconductor Heterostructures." Science, 327(5961), 60 (2010)

Simon, J.; Zhang, Z.; Goodman, K.; Xing, H.; Kosel, T.; Fay, P.; and Jena, D. "Polarization-Induced Zener Tunnel Junctions in Wide-Bandgap Heterostructures." Phys. Rev. Lett. 103(2), 026801, (2009).

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