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James McCall

Researcher IV-Mechanical Engineering

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James is a senior analyst who specializes in modeling the economic and environmental tradeoffs of agrivoltaics and renewable energy projects. His areas of interest include dual-land use solar configurations, energy-water-food nexus, land use change impacts, and renewable energy siting and economic modeling.

Research Interests


Energy-Water-Food Nexus

Renewable Energy Siting and Land Use Changes

Technoeconomic Analysis


P.S.M., Solar Energy Engineering and Commercialization, Arizona State University

B.S., Engineering, Mechanical Specialty, Colorado School of Mines

Professional Experience

Graduate Intern, Energy Policy Innovation Council, (2013–2014)

Facilities Engineer, Aera Energy LLC (2009–2016)

Featured Work

Opportunities for Agrivoltaic Systems to Achieve Synergistic Food-Energy-Environmental Needs and Address Sustainability GoalsFrontiers in Sustainable Food System (2022)

The 5 Cs of Agrivoltaic Success Factors in the United States: Lessons From the InSPIREResearch Study, NREL Technical Report (2022)

U.S. Manufacturing Water Use Data and Estimates: Current State, Limitations, and Future Needs for Supporting Manufacturing Research and Development, ACS EST Water (2021)

Awards and Honors

Mentor of the Year, NREL (2022)