Jack Hebert

John Hebert

Research Advisor I ARCEE NEX


John (Jack) Hébert is a founder of NREL's Alaska Campus in Fairbanks, which formed in 1999 as the Cold Climate Housing Research Center to develop safe, affordable, durable housing for cold regions. When the Cold Climate Housing Research Center joined NREL in 2020, Hébert became a senior advisor at NREL. For four decades, he has designed and built homes in Alaska through his companies Taiga Woodcraft and Hébert Homes, creating environmentally appropriate and energy-efficient buildings that reflect the unique lifestyle of his clients. Hébert has held numerous leadership roles in the national home building industry. He has twice addressed the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Energy and has presented on sustainable design across the circumpolar north, including in Alaska, Greenland, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. Hébert has five children, four grandchildren, and an extended family of many more children and grandchildren. He believes in a holistic approach that combines traditional knowledge and 21st century technology to create sustainable, thriving communities.

Research Interests

Extreme climate building science

Sustainable architecture

Culturally appropriate technology

Awards and Honors

U.S. Green Building Council Cascadia Fellowship–2010

State of Alaska Governors Award for Excellence in Energy Efficient Design

Energy Rated Homes President's Award

Alaska State Home Builder of the Year