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Guangdong Zhu

Researcher V-Mechanical Engineering

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Dr. Guangdong Zhu has been a senior researcher in the Concentrating Solar Power and Geothermal Technology programs at NREL since 2010. His work focuses on solar collector characterization, geothermal power plant modeling and analysis, and renewable energy hybridization.

Guangdong has an extensive background in power generation systems, heat transfer processes, and fluid mechanics. He is also well versed in stress analysis, efficient computing, numerical modeling, and related experimental validation. He has written peer-reviewed papers, reports, and presentations in the areas of solar thermal power, geothermal power, multiphase flow, and power generation systems.


Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of New Mexico

M.S. Thermal Engineering, Xi'an Jiaotong University

B.S. Thermal Engineering, Northeast China Institute of Electric Power Engineering

Featured Work

Commercial lunar propellant architecture: A collaborative study of lunar propellant production, Reviews in Human Space Exploration (2019)

An optical performance comparison of three concentrating solar power collector designs in linear Fresnel, parabolic trough, and central receiver, Applied Energy (2018)

Hybridizing a geothermal power plant with concentrating solar power and thermal storage to increase power generation and dispatchability, Applied Energy (2018)

Evaluation and comparison of an adaptive method technique for improved performance of linear Fresnel secondary designs, Applied Energy (2017)

New adaptive method to optimize the secondary reflector of linear Fresnel collectors, Solar Energy, (2017)

Thermodynamic evaluation of solar integration into a natural gas combined cycle power plant, Renewable Energy (2015)

History, current state, and future of linear Fresnel concentrating solar collectors, Solar Energy (2014)

On characterization and measurement of average solar field mirror reflectance in utility-scale concentrating solar power plants, Solar Energy (2014)

Development of an analytical optical method for linear Fresnel collectors, Solar Energy (2013)