Gab-Su Seo

Gab-Su Seo

Senior Electrical Engineer


Gab-Su Seo is a senior engineer in the Power Systems Engineering Center at NREL. With his hands-on 10+ year power electronics background, he leads research, development, and demonstration projects focused on power electronics and power systems applications for electric grids to achieve high penetration of inverter-based resources. He has authored more than 60 journal and conference papers mainly in the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) with one best transactions paper award. He coauthored the Research Roadmap on Grid-Forming Inverters in 2020. He received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from the Seoul National University, South Korea. Before joining NREL, he was with the Colorado Power Electronics Center at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he was a key contributor in switched-capacitor converter-based hybrid power conversion research projects to achieve high efficiency and high power density for data center and mobile applications. His current research interests include power electronics for renewable energy systems and microgrids and power systems engineering for grid modernization including grid-forming inverter control for low or zero inertia grids to improve grid resilience and stability. Seo is an IEEE roadmap working group chair of the International Technology Roadmap of Power Electronics for Distributed Energy Resources (ITRD)-WG3 Integration and Control of Distributed Energy Resources. He is an associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.

Research Interests

Black start of power grids with inverter-based resources

Grid-forming inverter controls

Cybersecurity for future electric grid

Autonomous energy systems

Grid modernization

Professional Experience

Working Group Chair, IEEE International Technology Roadmap of Power Electronics for Distributed Energy Resources

Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

Associate Editor, IEEE Access

Associate Editor, IEEE Open Journal of Power Electronics

Associate Editor, Journal of Power Electronics

Associations and Memberships

Senior Member, IEEE

Featured Work

Impact of Increased Inverter Penetration on Power System Small-Signal Stability, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (2021)

A High-Frequency Planar Transformer with Medium-Voltage Isolation, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (2021)

A Novel Decentralized PWM Interleaving Technique for Ripple Minimization in Series-stacked DC-DC Converters, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (2021)

Addressing Technical Challenges in 100% Variable Inverter‐Based Renewable Energy Power Systems, Wiley WIREs Energy and Environment (2020)

Blackstart of Power Grids with Inverter-Based Resources, IEEE Power and Energy Society General Meeting (2020)

Dispatchable Virtual Oscillator Control for Decentralized Inverter-dominated Power Systems: Analysis and Experiments, IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference (2019)

Levelized-Cost-of-Electricity-Driven Design Optimization for Medium-Voltage Transformerless Photovoltaic Converters, IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Expo (2019)

Dual Inductor Hybrid Converter for Point-of-Load Voltage Regulator Modules, IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications (2019)

A Multilevel DC to Three-phase AC Architecture for Photovoltaic Power Plants , IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion (2018)