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Eric Knoshaug

Group Research Manager II-Biological Science

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Eric. P. Knoshaug works in the Applied Biology Section of the National Bioenergy Center at NREL. He joined NREL in August 2000 and has since worked on engineering yeast for efficient utilization of biomass-generated pentose sugars, protein design and evolution for increased activity on recalcitrant biomass substrates, and increasing biomass and lipid production in microalgae.

Research Interests

Microbiology, molecular biology, and microbial physiology

Fermentation and growth systems development

Metabolic engineering in yeast for hydrocarbon production

Enzyme and protein engineering

Pentose transport and utilization in yeast

Algal growth systems

Enhancing algal biomass and lipid production

Nitrogen stress responses in oleaginous microorganisms


M.S., Microbiology, Oregon State University

B.A., Biology, Environmental Conservation, minor in Economics, University of Colorado at Boulder

Featured Work

Novel Transporters from Kluyveromyces marxianus and Pichia guilliermondii Expressed in Saccharomyces cerevisiae Enable Growth on L-Arabinose and D-Xylose, Yeast (2015)

The Potential of Photosynthetic Aquatic Species as Sources of Useful Cellulose Fibers—A Review, Journal of Applied Phycology (2013)

Enzymatic Cell Wall Degradation of Chlorella vulgaris and Other Microalgae for Biofuels Production, Planta (2013)

Chapter 8: Complex Systems Engineering: A Case Study for an Unsequenced Microalga, in Engineering Complex Phenotypes in Industrial Strains (2013)

Algal Biofuels: The Process, Chemical Engineering Progress (2011)

Utilization and Transport of L-Arabinose by Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts, Cellulose (2009)

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Heterologous Expression of Two Ferulic Acid Esterases from Penicillium funiculosumApplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2008)

Synergistic Enhancement of Cellobiohydrolase Performance on Pretreated Corn Stover by Addition of Xylanase and Esterase Activities, Bioresource Technology (2008)

Exopolysaccharide Expression in Lactococcus lactis Subsp. cremoris Ropy352: Evidence for Novel Gene OrganizationApplied Biochemistry and Biotechnology (2007)

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