Photo of David Young.

David Young

Group Research Manager III-Materials Science


David Young is a senior scientist and group manager for the High Efficiency Crystalline PV group in the Chemistry and Nanoscience Department at NREL.

He received his PhD in applied physics from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, under the guidance of Professor Reuben Collins and Dr. Timothy Coutts. Since joining NREL, Young has worked on transport properties in transparent conducting oxides, developing the Method of Four Coefficients for measuring band structure in thin-film materials. He has also worked on thin-film tandem solar cells, epitaxial thin-film silicon solar cells, and high efficiency crystalline silicon solar cells with passivated contacts.

He helped to develop and patent a real-time quantum efficiency measurement system marketed under the name FlashQE™ and dynamic hydride vapor phase epitaxy (D-HVPE) for low-cost III-V materials.

Research Interests

  • Passivated contacts to silicon solar cells
  • Next-generation silicon solar cells
  • Novel epitaxial liftoff techniques for III-V solar cells

Featured Work

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