Research Interests

Catalytic biomass fractionation and depolymerization of lignin

Catalytic upgrading of bio-derived intermediates

Particle-scale chemical reaction engineering and transport phenomena

Analysis of complex bio-derived samples

Affiliated Research Programs

Renewable Carbon Fiber Consortium

Biological and Catalytic Conversion of Sugars and Lignin

Areas of Expertise

Chemical analysis of complex samples

Chemical reaction engineering and design

Experimental design

Data analysis

Lignin valorization

Laboratory equipment design and construction

Separations and purification


B.S., Chemical Engineering, North Carolina State University

Professional Experience

Research Technician, National Renewable Energy Laboratory (2016–present)

Energy Advisor, Franklin Energy Services (2012–2013)

Lab Manager, AgroSystems LLC (2011–2012)

Research Chemist, Colorado State University (2010)

R&D Chemical Engineer, Appealing Products Inc. (2006)

Featured Work

Renewable Acrylonitrile Production, Science (2017)

Please contact me with research questions, ideas for collaborations, and questions about lignin valorization projects at NREL. Please do NOT contact me directly for jobs—see instead information on NREL's Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship program or on NREL Careers in general.