David Corbus

Program Manager VI-Research


Dave is the Wind Grid Integration Lead at NREL. Dave manages NREL's relationship with the Deputy Assistant Secretaries and Program Mangers at DOE's Office of Electricity (OE), including managers for Power Systems Engineering, National Electricity Delivery, Energy Infrastructure Modeling & Analysis, and the Advanced Grid Integration divisions within OE. Dave worked as an engineer at the NWTC from 1994 to 2010 and researched small turbine testing, domestic and international small wind turbine fieldwork, aeroelastic wind turbine simulations, analysis of coherent turbulent structures, and model validations from field test measurements. He later transitioned into research focused on operational impacts of high penetration of wind on the electric grid, studying costs for generation, transmission, and full cost of wind integration. Dave's work has led him to interact very closely with regional grid operators and partners in the wind and electric utility industries, successfully developing strategic partnerships with a range of third parties.


M.S., Applied Science (Mechanical Engineering), New York University

B.A., New York University