Dareum Nam

Dareum Nam

Researcher III-Software Engineering


Dareum joined NREL in May 2019 as a member of the EnergyPlus® development team in the Commercial Buildings Research Group. Her job consists primarily of programming within the EnergyPlus codebase to address software defects, implement new modeling capabilities, and enhance existing functionality.

Dareum received her Ph.D. in architectural engineering from the University of Colorado Boulder. Her research has focused on the development of a simulation model for active chilled beam systems with an integrative experimental and modeling approach. She designed and performed experimental studies, evaluated the prevalent active chilled beam models in existing simulation tools, and developed a new simulation model for the energy performance prediction of active chilled beam systems.

Research Interests

Active chilled beam systems

Computational fluid dynamics in buildings

Building energy simulation

Building energy efficiency and sustainability


Ph.D., Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder

B.S., Architectural Engineering, Seoul National University

Featured Work

Experimental study on energy performance of active chilled beam systemsScience and Technology for the Built Environment (2019)