Carlos Baez-Cotto

Carlos Baez-Cotto

Researcher III-Chemistry

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Carlos Baez-Cotto is a researcher at NREL in the roll-to-roll process science area, exploring how ink formulation affect molecular-level interactions in cathode catalyst layer crack formation. His current approaches include modifying ink component ratio, sample preparation, coating processes/conditions, and use of additives.

Carlos obtained his doctorate in materials chemistry under the supervision of Mahesh Mahanthappa at the University of Minnesota–Twin Cities. His main research projects focused on the design and synthesis of small molecules via air-free techniques, characterization of lyotropic liquid crystal microemulsions utilizing scattering techniques, and generation of electron density maps to develop structure/self-assembly relationships of the aforementioned nanostructures.

Research Interests

Formulation chemistry

Fundamental science

Materials chemistry


Ph.D., Materials Chemistry, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities

B.S., Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico-Cayey

Professional Experience

Chemistry Graduate Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University of Minnesota (2014–2019)

Undergraduate Summer Intern, National Science Foundation Research Experience, Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin (2012–2013)

Undergraduate Summer Intern, National Science Foundation Research Experience, Department of Chemistry, Penn State University (2010–2011)

Undergraduate Research Assistant, Department of Chemistry, University of Puerto Rico (2009–2011)

Featured Work

Aqueous Lyotropic Mesophase Behavior of Gemini Dicarboxylate Surfactants Swollen with n-Decane, Langmuir (2020)

Micellar Mimicry of Intermetallic C14 and C15 Laves Phases by Aqueous Lyotropic Self–Assembly, ACS Nano. (2018)

Linker Length–Dependent Control of Gemini Surfactant Aqueous Lyotropic Gyroid Phase Stability, J Phys. Chem. Lett. (2015)