M. Brooks Tellekamp came to NREL in 2018 as a postdoctoral researcher. He studies highly crystalline inorganic materials for applications in LEDs, photovoltaics, power electronics, neuromorphic computing, and electronics operating in harsh conditions. He is interested in understanding and manipulating the integration of dissimilar materials to manipulate and access new functional properties of materials. To accomplish this, he uses tools that enable highly crystalline materials to be integrated with sharp and well defined interfaces—tools such as molecular beam epitaxy, sputtering, and pulsed laser deposition. He is particularly interested in both nitride and oxide materials and hopes to use coupled materials discovery, rapid throughput experiments, and high-quality epitaxial techniques to integrate these materials into next-generation electronics and optoelectronics.

Research Interests

Ternary and novel nitride materials and their integration with binary nitrides for energy relevant devices

Materials discovery

Nitride and oxide materials for power electronics applications

Materials and devices for neuromorphic computing


Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

Professional Experience

Postdoctoral Researcher, NREL (2018–2020)

Graduate Research Assistant, Georgia Institute of Technology (2012–2017)

Featured Work

Heteroepitaxial Integration of ZnGeN2 on GaN Buffers Using Molecular Beam Epitaxy, Crystal Growth & Design (2020)

Growth and Characterization of Homoepitaxial β-Ga2O3 Layers, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics (2020)

Utilizing Site Disorder in the Development of New Energy-Relevant Semiconductors, ACS Energy Letters (2020)

Combinatorial Synthesis of Magnesium Tin Nitride Semiconductors, Journal of the American Chemical Society (2020)

Blue-Green Emission from Epitaxial Yet Cation-Disordered ZnGeN2xOx, Physical Review Materials (2019)

Evidence of a Second-Order Peierls-Driven Metal-Insulator Transition in Crystalline NbO2, Physical Review Materials (2019)

Scalable Memdiodes Exhibiting Rectification and Hysteresis for Neuromorphic Computing, Scientific Reports (2019)

Molecular Beam Epitaxy of Lithium Niobium Oxide Multifunctional Materials, Journal of Crystal Growth (2017)

Evidence of Ion Intercalation Mediated Band Structure Modification and Opto-Ionic Coupling in Lithium Niobite, Journal of Applied Physics (2015)