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Ben joined NREL in 2009. He specializes in the development, validation, and application of energy analysis approaches for individual buildings and collections of buildings. He has developed and applied software testing approaches for residential audit tools and associated utility bill calibration methods, methods for calculating life-cycle-cost-optimal retrofit packages, and approaches for analyzing measured energy consumption to estimate retrofit energy savings and improve software prediction accuracy.

In addition to his work at NREL, Ben has served on the Building Performance Institute (BPI) Data & Modeling Standards Technical Committee (STC) and several industry working groups for BPI and the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET).

Prior to joining NREL, Ben's graduate research focused on nanoscale material characterization, biomechanics, vibrations, and continuum mechanics.

Research Interests

Zero energy buildings, neighborhoods, campuses, and districts

Urban energy planning, design, and optimization (such as URBANopt)

Inverse design of buildings systems and materials

Grid-interactive efficient buildings (such as flexible building loads and electrical and thermal energy storage)


M.S. Engineering Mechanics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln