Ashreeta Prasanna

Ashreeta Prasanna

Researcher III-Model Engineering


Ashreeta Prasanna is a model developer and data analyst in the Distributed Systems and Storage Group within the Integrated Applications Center at NREL. Her work involves developing and using NREL's open-source Distributed Generation Market Demand (dGen) model to forecast deployment of distributed energy and storage technologies. This includes techno-economic analysis and application of data science to evaluate the impacts of policies, technology change, and market design on customer adoption. Ashreeta's work also considers the broader impacts of spatial trends in adoption and the locational benefits of distributed energy resources. 

Research Interests

Cross-domain research involving energy, transport, and society

Geospatial analysis

Human-centric applications of loT, e-mobility, distributed energy technologies, and energy storage


M.S., Project Management in Energy and Environment, IMT Atlantique

M.S., Management and Engineering of Environment and Energy, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, National University of Singapore

Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering, Automation, Nanyang Poytechnic

Professional Experience

Scientist, Integrated Energy Systems, Fraunhofer IEE and University Kassel (2019)

Scientist, Urban Energy Systems, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (2016–2018)

Scientist, Energy Efficiency, Université de Genève (2015)

R&D Researcher, Smart and Sustainable Cities, European Institute for Energy Research (2013–2015)