Anudeep Mallarapu

Researcher III-Mechanical Engineering

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Anudeep Mallarapu is a mechanical engineering researcher within NREL’s electrochemical energy storage group. His work focuses on multiphysics modeling of lithium-ion batteries for failure mitigation at high strain rate deformation using comprehensive coupling approaches combing electrochemical, thermal, and mechanical models to predict short-circuit and thermal runaway response. He works with several industry partners on research ranging from experimental characterization of battery materials to modeling module-level failure propagation.  Prior to joining NREL, he worked on modeling materials under large plastic deformations and automotive crashworthiness.

Research Interests

Battery safety under mechanical abuse and thermal runaway

Coupled multiphysics modeling

Fast-charging of lithium-ion batteries


M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University

B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Manipal University

Professional Experience

Researcher, NREL (2019–present)

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Crash Safety Analyst, Byton (2018–2019)

Graduate Research Assistant, Ohio State University (2017–2018)

Featured Work

A Robust Numerical Treatment of Solid-Phase Diffusion in Pseudo Two-Dimensional Lithium-Ion Battery Models, Journal of Power Sources (2023)

A Comprehensive Numerical and Experimental Study for the Passive Thermal Management in Battery Modules and Packs, Journal of Materials Chemistry (2022)

Modeling Extreme Deformations in Lithium-Ion Batteries, eTransportation (2020)

Understanding Extreme Fast Charge Limitations in Carbonate Mixtures, Journal of Materials Chemistry A (2021)

Modeling Cell Venting and Gas-Phase Reactions In 18650 Lithium-Ion Batteries During Thermal Runaway, Journal of Power Sources (2021)

Transport Processes in a Li-ion Cell during an Internal Short-Circuit, Journal of the Electrochemical Society (2020)

Propagation of Fire in Li-Ion Batteries Under Ultrahigh Strain-Rate Deformation, Ground Vehicle Systems Engineering and Technology Symposium (2022)

Quantifying The Influence of Charge Rate and Cathode-Particle Architectures on Degradation of Li-Ion Cells Through 3D Continuum-Level Damage Models, Journal of Power Sources (2021)